About Us

Jala Shakti Ltd. is a Company incorporated for construction, installation and operation of small hydroelectric power projects. Bringing years of experience, the group exhibited the competence required to serve a multitude of projects. The Company aims at continuous process improvement and achieve operational excellence in the commissioned projects and economies of scale in the on-going ones. Our team members have decades of experience in the related field and have exhibited skills creatively.

In order to ensure sustainable development, the growing energy needs of the country are ought to be met with renewable energy. This not only helps to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels but also addresses environmental concerns on a larger scale. Green energy has been playing an increasingly important role in the Indian energy market with a strong government and regulatory support. The Company also participates in reducing the greenhouse gasesand aims to become a leading Indian power producer by diversifying its portfolio. We closely engage ourselves with the local communities and other stakeholders who stand tobenefit from our capital deployment. We are confident of transforming ourselves and attain recognition through our capabilities in pursuit of creating a wealthier Nation.